Asthma & Allergy

Allergy is the field of medicine that cares for people who suffer immune reactions to substances that are harmless to most people.

These disorders may present with symptoms limited to the site of exposure, such as at the nose, lung or gut, or in generalised reactions, causing anaphylaxis. There are many types of allergic disease, that vary according to the site of exposure, the extent of the reaction, and the type of allergen.

Common allergic diseases in Australia include allergic nasal and sinus disease, asthma, food allergy, drug allergy, and eczema.

Lung and Sleep Victoria’s allergy specialists perform detailed assessments to recognise and treat allergic disease and its responsible allergens.

  • Skin prick testing is provided as part of a specialist consultation, and pathology services are available at most of our locations;
  • Anaphylaxis management plans including Epipen prescription and education can be provided;
  • Immunotherapy to remove sensitisation to some allergens is available, in oral or injection therapy;
  • Difficult to control asthma is treated comprehensively, using the full range of therapies, including the latest agents that target the components of the allergic response, such as IgE and eosinophils.

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